The MARTI TB diagnostic test

MARTI brings TB diagnosis to the point-of-care.

  • MARTI eliminates the need for sputum sampling by using a single drop of blood
  • Provides a result in under 1 hour
  • Accurate in patients with HIV and extra-pulmonary TB

An antibody detection-based diagnostic test in a suitable format could potentially replace microscopy and extend tuberculosis diagnosis to the public health system.
- World Health Organisation

MARTI is an EIS-based diagnostic detecting antibodies in TB patients early on, regardless of their HIV status.

Very few diagnostic candidates would address the most critical need - a point-of-care test for primary care facilities.

Diversification of the point-of-care TB diagnostic pipeline is urgently needed.

- Joint statement in 2017 by  FIND, The TB Alliance, and The Global TB Vaccine Foundation