MARTI in the press

Biotech Lifetime Fundi Award bestowed on Prof Jan Verschoor (7 April 2015)

The Innovation Hub’s GAP Biosciences recently awarded Prof Jan Verschoor, a renowned researcher in biochemistry the Biotech Fundi Lifetime Contribution Award for 2014 ... MORE

BioScience Bounty: Africa’s Emerging Geography of Ideas (11 March 2015)

A few months ago, Pharm Exec met with Pfizer to test a simple thesis: does great science transcend the boundaries imposed by geography, economics, medical practice, and culture? The target for this exploration of innovative potential ... MORE

Swiss- South Africa Venturelab profile (July 2014)

MARTI - the only TB diagnostic that uses a single drop of blood to detect TB at the point of care regardless of the patient’s HIV status or whether ... MORE

MARTI wins first prize in the Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) (26 June 2014)

The MARTI (Mycolic Acid Antibody Real-Time Inhibition) Tuberculosis Diagnostics team was the winners of the Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) Innovation Competitions for novel technologies and innovations ... MORE

South Africa: Gauteng Accelerator Programme Innovation Competitions Finalists Announced United Nations Public Administration Network (13 January 2014)

This year, The Innovation Hub launched four competitions under the GAP umbrella: GAP ICT, GAP Green, GAP Biosciences, and GAP Medical. The GAP Innovation Competitions seek to stimulate the development of innovative ideas with the potential of ... MORE

Winners of GAP Innovation Competition announced (11 December 2013)

Ka-Ching (GAP ICT), The Lightie (GAP Green), MARTI TB Diagnostics (GAP Biosciences) and VeinAid (GAP Medical) were named as winners of the Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) Innovation Competitions, at an awards ceremony held at The Innovation Hub ... MORE

Success stories of Emory Business School (2013)

“The MARTI test is the only diagnostic in the world that uses a single drop of blood to detect tuberculosis early on, provide a result in under an hour ... MORE